In The Five Retirement Nightmares, national best-selling authors Scott Schuett and Shon Peil explain in simple language and through real stories how to shield yourself from a disastrous future. Each chapter focuses on one of the five primary areas you need to address for a safe and secure retirement. By addressing each properly, the authors guide you through the process of creating what they call a Retirement Shield. Inside you’ll learn about the Primary Retirement Shield areas:

> Social Security — When to take it and how to increase it

> Income for Life — How to continue receiving a paycheck in retirement

> Taxes — What to do to lower or eliminate them altogether

> Long-Term Care — Why this is so critical and how to pay for it

> Life’s “What-If” Scenarios — Where you should look to avoid dangerous circumstances

You’ll also hear from people like you who have created their own Retirement Shield to protect their income, provide for their health, and prepare themselves to enjoy the rest of their lives and sleep well at night, free from The Five Retirement Nightmares.